1. Underway replenishment, or UNREP in U.S. Navy-speak, is a process that transfers fuel and cargo between ships. We have supplied UNREP equipment on a variety of ship programs from the late 1800's through today. In fact, Lidgerwood received the patents for designing UNREP equipment in the late 1800's for the transfer of Coal between Naval Vessels and now we have equipment on the new Littoral Combat Ships (LCS). Our expertise in UNREP has extended for more than 100 years, and we are proud to have supplied over 32 Million Dollars worth of Underway Replenishment Equipment to the Navy in the last two decades alone.

    The types of equipment we manufacture include:
    • Gypsy Winches
    • Saddle Winches
    • Hauling Winches
    • Sliding Block Kits
    • Electric Anti-Slack Devices
    • Hydraulic Anti-Slack Devices
    • High-Line and Cargo Winches
    • Single Drum Spanwire Winches
    • Double Drum Spanwire Winches
    • Various Other Equipment As Requested